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also don't know. it has been in boxes all over the licence. i walk across the us on board the summit. for all the details. the instant into the pockets on tuesday even as a comic but both cities which had been affected by a sick day on dress sensibly can. at least i e including two women at a time of one day when unidentified man on the media into a shop in a crowded market in southwest middle just on port city of london. includes rock the city of aachen stunts to get into ancient punjab province. a lesson to confess i miss my above all cute in this photo. but this is it depends on whether the two attacks leading to a heated contest that spread across pop on in the boss would be its troops after about ten knots numbness in dublin and the trouble began on friday the coffee wasn't even against city on monday but traffic was thin and said he doesn't need isn't it a day off to do. while the indians in the markets and intel is out. and i'll toss in a minute to documentation the procession of his ideas and situations in the short strand this talk residents can think about such a good good
the ceremony the idea has said. our show. this site the city. no use. such. ford india. he loves. the studio all the dishes all subjects on this. i'm sure. all of you who didn't read this. it is so it is. it was. he's eating counterparts to combine she had met in kenya is not the same town clerk to open a multipurpose didn't eat it at first on the blog in between neighbors. in a surprise move the box and gunmen on sunday said the put upon the preston based chef one five season but the canadian agency and suspended the constitution in two thousand and seven. in tedium is the charging insanity khan said the government but asked him what injustice. just read the note to try to share. if convicted he could be punished by death or life imprisonment. general musharraf would be the fuss to get it right the season so the tree with its acoustic and sixty six year history. he is also facing criminal prosecution in all cases the data can stand and bought a move to christie's inside this could be a move by the fed govt to deflect attention from the vatican could succeed in biden's has been set up lots o
it. in use. lie about the job they started prepping for friday the first of november off. they supported all his activities in the mid nineteen nineties to assess over the last. the stock in that it will be made. it's great. why wait. for all the details. the tragedy of tragedies fest over spot the subprime mess that also cut the secret service's ers are to step up its cool but all nations in india's northern to win cash rate the corruption law continued despite the us morning privatization is that it could designate caucus on a state sponsor of canada's of a new book by fall the diplomat says. i mean since youtube steve james and that no one should be in the nineteen ninety two said that its support to groups in kashmir was not stalled the us would have predicted focused on as a stitch on some of those. we have information indicating that are inside and of those and then continue to provide material support to groups that having his students. i must dig up information based industry. from vegas that was in her condo focused on small wooden board to the us writes in his n
with a sports at the dunwoody said. lots of us at times. about islam. also all the details. history paper documents for standard and bought a bottle of dish and tuesday the first day of the forty eight dollars shut down. the strike was called but the position of the election commission announced that lashed the ball to be had on the twenty fifth. the main opposition under the snatched in a spot the bnp and its advent of amp's across on the beach on tuesday the protest is hot dog bones and daddy's government property in many cases. it is sin was cuban bnp supporters and the point is destined to god's guidance accounts and ninety nine is not the best of cabbage it up. you'll be given on the two prime minister she is seen as a lumpy body was lynched by activists of the in the attic i don't want to study in fifteen o o but hundred miles from the captain. so when i was kid then bnp and jim ah well that's actually what is in need of some sixteen miles from the top. but despite doubling its kind to the gas to disclose might increase its debt and not shiny and clean on supports it security was hi
and stitch on the new sunday times had on sunday that use the uss athlete and he stopped at the time to time by going ahead with the gun strength which can t keep the lead and talking with them and soon. mrs who had a five min in us down a bounty on his head was canada day before tea cakes was scheduled to be for any team with the ttp leadership on the government's behalf following the attack the ttp called the pakistani government can do to save america and that any negotiations with them attending a minute and then in the howling through town on monday. necessity is the government's result to continue with efforts to buy peace the day. button is from abuse order to bring the sight of it. anwar has learned. we don't overheat she says a source of his citizens. without thinking with all for saving me. this is a hit. the mental side the main street. pj ten politician imran khan told the president that the conduct of a government led by his paci without the need to supply trucks passing through the nonsense din province into what i have had a son from them and they think it's a fantasy xi insti
of the security pact between about some of the us we signed only up to presidential elections due next april. ugh i'm humming the price of refined in the mountain made of the niger delta summary of some two thousand five hundred by the end of this political leaders from across the bow to stop him as a surprise to us because insisting that the deal he signed before the sun about the fact that some of the school of the us military presence in the book on concrete for when it dawned on monday night for me to forces with the fourteen doesn't cause i was not seen as too keen to get medication from the kentucky to jeddah for the securities backed by citing some benefits dubbed unbeatable spectacle of the us saying there was that a cross between the two nations is there to drum up more opposite than connections to the security agreement would be flooded the day. the engine could be that many pockets on the city isn't fighting for the protest marches held by sunni muslims defend deficit it invited the kids over a dozen people in the last week to mark to market slump to go to mosque in the country's two m
a second that the bnp is associated with the students to describe it like it or not. regarding the use of lighting union meeting them in a minute and or dates that would be gone for the buttons on this with the attitude of fighting. in a twenty three. i was enchanted by the test attention and spoons. katie and businesses that gays are together. maybe he thinks he can tap into the end cannot end of the heisman parties we've been in the new zealand is a good would that be in the things that the iv in on the fiddler border when is the day with them and at the idea of creating the demand of the water that's what they have been preying on the as they are at the one underneath. border in the film of the footy i was eating with the mob the subpoena collect any of this stuff out of execution after not saying it's chalk and by they did the same in each of the nation's constitution. five calls to boycott awards to elect a constant this and the immense political instability in the country. preliminary estimates show seventy percent of new cars etc what does cost a dime the country's election watc
of debriefing of us had the shortest sum of all i could not be in a drone attacks in peace talks between the top winds of the pockets on and on our own and i miss them the author of windows that began in kabul on thursday his wooden consultations on the security pact that is likely to see lost in presence of american forces in the balkan country his report. the git go council attended by some to pose and five hundred of god as the notables comes a day off. the problem and washington struck a deal defining the skin of us committed to the peasants off to the dog don't know what the mash tun april fools is fixed it. discussions have been going between the two countries. when you give it a go beyond the fact that for the piano. see the stitch detail from the polls in front of the troops to the fallen of the decade the fortitude of him not to be but that will allow foreign military presence on the eve of the un forces to combat the abundance of jeans the grunt of the comet as i exited the business of trust between both the nations. oh i will be called on participants to keep a conference in front of
the fourth of the top. this sunday near us. dice up until an attack is uncut pushes me to supply. to get seven and given opposition strike in the body. as you should never speak again. often he wanted i'm not thrilled the dts that is likely to debut its ties to the u s funding the drone strike that killed friday by vegan cooking when i'm excellent at what see lawmakers also discussing a motion to block me to supply it time. and a cinema seat is set to meet army chief gen today scanning on monday that that cbc dawn newspaper said tennessee state was also attended the thing at the five ounces. the report said. after many trustee for over two years the nation's leading in some other washington the beginning to the patter of their abundance in our state's meeting with president back about a fortnight ago. mike tyson's changed once again pondering the canning offensive that ended on strike on friday the attack came a day after having seen she said talks are underway with some comment on the scene soon after assuming office the transition aides had won the mandate of the country's political sp
as the missile point and the ties between qantas time on the us dominance in the ma state teams that need props up the issue but presidents but off a bomb on a grand event in washington on mon and tue and strike on friday nights kids hospital none had selected it. she also bought this on time and time again has upset the state government grant would be stopped. think about the stunt pilot on its plans to head its in god's pti has crept into two companies to supply trucks to look on the front condos. if the tunes that has come to feel. sophie has a thin doesn't inflict it upon his ethics that happening today in ahead of time into addictions on penn state the spotlight was on the sink and say to offset the set that is going to finance the drooling has bought tea was included on district addressing those gandhi said the hostage and the body with bjp government in the state has done nothing for the development of the state we are. though. andy had it will it be. she said admitting the movie was competing in the beating continued district was gone before us of those calves the doctor called this the
interests in lefty share the us has put sanctions on the city and after he was included in an instant specially designated global terrorists the chinese have been blamed for several high profile attacks in afghanistan isn't doing us any damage. it doesn't even miss this issue too much and they have said the probe into the top spot sees the nonsense was not initiated by the government and the uploading tool will stick to it. the bomb on the proxy on top of it as a non stick spray and the salsa foreign funds state contributions that increases the diplomacy outfits. but coming to showcase it on said the pontiff on the continent and feeling better than ink on this economy immunization hundred and ninety two going to be scrutinized on an offshoot of the unsecured option will be back tonight to live across the country not stay on as you want me to exit the town singing the insulin as intimate and so on. they come in by instilling that sequence tried to shut down st on that day she has a new course but a bad one practical outfits like this him on his tummy what is the one she attended west o
in a us drone strike but at the swamp was a member of the dominant as to why the duty that for the double hits from swat valley in the fifth of august on to notice talk with us through this nomination the distinction between about islam and focus on the above has been raised ken and fact finding mission and bottle of dish coated with a compass tremendous potential to progress rapidly if that is political stability. maybe i'll make good on him when to back to the video sections of the bottle in the two societies said. due to the climate progress article stated that it can be in show it is a crisis going on. but what is most important what we could from almost all the witnesses is a has huge potential. is the political situation can taste it looks its economy will develop and people will be much better off with a stable political future. we have heard about the current. time is going to go so i booked our environment is to study the people to do mission in the country. the fact finding mission is more to the gospels be solved. it should double credit for. we believe that bangladesh has tre
the southern us presence in the country anderson says an extend credit to stimuli sharif has been pushing for negotiations with the ttp a name for two thousand including several pakistani make it a snap in the past six years and for the attack on the amtrak in sunny ca among other uses that was also known as my daddy deal for the heat inside the media programs he is to post this now to head the m medical attention after the seven thousand and two. i din even impose tiny ice on a cruise in the pakistani town of spots for two years until the army makes men began filing into the offences. one of the southern us nomination is another indication that the pentagon has now seen this organization in its operations in afghanistan and pakistan. social activist inbound that they say that if the intent with this that's only possible in on the beach and opposition stance about smart practices and upcoming nasa addictions are misplaced under the combined introduced to do monday installation of whom own blood is on tuesday the government to oversee the colts do but generally the system will snort addict
started it as opposition protests continue in uganda based businesses it in the us mars missions in the boat all that on sunday i see nothing against the basis that what sets. now for all the bcs was upon the dishes main opposition party costume you that that violent attacks on that day outfits like the looks real and what a passport it means modernized in many cases across the country activists of the nominees catch the stocky of bnp to homemade bombs and the highest in seven cities of london based in london the postponement of the upcoming election the test is love notes to its people and had two diamonds inside and out and said that the step that up to the protest began dating after the election watchdog announced on monday. the call to comes at me fits. the bnp is pressing for a postponement of the vote under the caretaker government is installed to oversee about it. in the end of the some one hundred and thirty seven months and kept the protest is to move the state's premier tax and an education. i plan to disrupt the movement of trains. new traffic impact that the port cit
they should use. i am sure you know that's also is backtracking for you on monday the twenty fifth of november. outside autodesk guns in the lead up to scott the crtc was a paean to bnp to join but i didn't intend on that. i hide what the judge nothing gets into these actions. i felt rather tedious. the kids and politician imran khan spotty is continuing its anti photo text boxes are just not need to supply trucks etc patience during the weekend. omega belonging to non con artist on to the game somewhat pti tuesday's sitting outside the american company to charlotte to protest against what they don't go buy additional focused on stove and teens. peta activist off trucks and moto drivers from its kittens in a bid to hold this up by lying to us in the two forces fighting the bottom bunk and i'm not gonna start on sunday. on a company but the bills of hardline of these entities mr hughes died in a shop on saturday before the blockade began. it is. one day the day it is. i got. this month to two in the back of six prime minister should. when peace talks with the militants. my individua
in confidence. it used to facing a tremendous crisis is caused by resistance of the easiest for students too. first apply to justice for the trials of charging those who organized the genocide in nineteen seventy one. mind that its national study of bnp and its key and that they did not get the meat has been mounting violence that as of this in to check in and began handing down the two to seven minutes the instrumental in black pants committee during the country's nineteen seventy one the original more than one hundred and fifty people had been killed in the opposition candidates this year. the shutdown which began on tuesday and was scheduled to end on wednesday was extended to friday morning. a seventy one hour strike was called after the election commission announced on monday that the national vote for the hat and jacket fits. boys have been injured in the full effect of the loan this past month. last week the entire event had been in this edition stressed on the need to exercise common sense paint and maintain peace and i'm attached to a fundamental fact that there will be a climate of
decapitated. and amen to washington. the us but sanchez and the city after he was included in a list of specially designated until the candidates. the gandhi is not the most dangerous thought among factions of the indian politicians and acts of non government us and active forces. i don't know because on sunday but jackson is an issue in . the kat's i wanted to be told to pakistan's main spy agency isi and the top side in the uk. another onion bread and butter the most dependent on strike in all this last year. the size and results oriented in the shade tents and tangible cooperation between the menace of each and not meeting our ascent as they come together to enhance a strategic partnership of growth and development. prime minister someone could she chaired the meeting hosted by india for the first time in gurgaon on the outskirts of captain you daddy. the dial up line between representatives of asian european countries is expected to discuss a wide think of issues that each and are up and reinvigorate not want to achieve tangible results. nb this feels the government has accused t
he is due to the dock. the selection of the country's often on the cheapest in the bosch by the us is hoping for ingenuity as foreign troops pull out of me reading about responding to. premises to the pretzel five being tied to the above descriptions and said he would show some of the senior most generals this also extends from the spastic students. but as most of whom he handpicked doing a second film in nineteen ninety eight. golf of his government in the pool but the addictive. above the get go. premises should be appointed in its fullest dump in nineteen ninety three to set them outside of the president of the fish are caught in the business of government. the end of august on the local bourse in the development skills the spot this time of crime policy and in the policy of stood by its army chief. five people were killed and seventy five others were injured across bottom of the issue wednesday the second day of the opposition strike against upcoming elections. this bond that this country is hiding in the senate and the country made bonds and antiquities in many cities and town
on the nasty off before tee shot down and began on sunday. sydney policeman or to use it as opposition supporters clashed with police in the knee pain field position is in full speed and shutdowns in the past two weeks to dumont unknown boxes and get to the company's shooting an action would you like and me dozens have been cute in the wind is taking this fight that if his country ski calling hike. the kid ecosystem agent used in the nineteen nineties. one stick and unconstitutional by the supreme court in the train to yemen the bottom and had trapped in a month he care the station casino that course and national companies to receive the eighteenth she had on standby to former prime minister and bn piece of people hired as the health food aisle to invest on me they'd see us posse heston down the offer. under the sheets in the society has begun to heal position need is to meet finest in the sea not to east tensions. we the majority people of ammon don't we. that the democratic process to maintain body of the green i'm holding on to polish them off. the country by joining the dynamics of
. they were originally used a test of skill and strength when recruiting clan warriors. this is alister. and he's a heavy. and he's participating in the highland games today. how many events will you do? >> we'll do eight events today, ranging from putting the stones, to throwing the hammers, to tossing the caber. >> okay. what's putting the stones? >> well, putting the stone is similar to a shot put in the olympics, you know, but we use a bigger ball, which is a stone, you know. and the hammer is more or less, like a real sledgehammer, you know, with a ball on the end, you know. the olympics have got a chain. but we use the original, which is a wooden shaft. and then the caber is a tree trunk that's cut down right about 20 feet. it weighs maybe 150 pounds. [ announcement ] >> didn't quite make it. it has to fall into the twelve o'clock position for it to qualify. that's alister. he is the world champion of highland games. [ crowd cheers ] yeah! whoa. that's beautiful. who is that? >> william wallace. >> it's william wallace. these particular highland games have been going on for over 1
. and then the pc and fifty three days and the use of businesses has always been talk of problems so five the ganges to the largest union team and signed in nineteen eighty six easy on the net gain agreement between the two neighbors. lights of the militants were gone and all weapons baucus our biggest city karachi on thursday. the policeman was injured in the fighting which went on for hours. the police say the ghost give up on the dash to the drumbeat uninvolved infected and killings including seven attacks and shia mosques the suspected militants but it has been targeted shia mosque in the darkness of that security was tightened on the mosque. this fits with my dog inside the gate the possessions you the eye for a festival of the state and friday from four hundred film was the arkansas in two thousand and twelve at two hundred this yet. give a special pre installed the area to the british throne celebrated his birthday and yes the southern cooking. this fruit juice can be seen and she welcomed the contest wins and the duchess of cornwall to the synagogue in the west and packed the city which has
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